Invisible waste
We have an innovative, space-saving waste removal solution that can fits anywhere.
Semi-underground bins

our solution

Trash Revolution
Our semi- underground bins are a design and simple solution that will last for years, disposing of your general and recyclable waste. While you save the environment, we save you money. Your waste will become invisible with these bins, providing a neat and tidy look to your property.
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Long life product
Enjoy a premium and meticulously designed product that will last a lifetime thanks to our beautiful and durable thick and robust materials
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Always hidden trash
You will not be left with mountains of trash.
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Fits anywhere
Bins with a small footprint that occupy minimal space while offering large capacity for waste material, which can be emptied in one go.
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No bad smell anymore
Clean and closed. Classy and compact. No more rats, stinky trash or ugly wheelie bins and skips.
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Always hidden trash

Based in Belgium, Traflux is the pioneers in the development and manufacturing of structural plastic products, like the revolutionary ZBin. This bin, proudly used by TSVPOWER, implements the latest technology in semi-underground waste solutions.

The perfect fit
We offer you various products to choose from to suit your specific requirements. We’ll help you decide, based on our assessment of your site.
Mini ZBin
Underground Metro
Compact Waste Bin
Easy to Install
We make a site survey before we dig a hole for the bin. The semi-underground bin is placed in the hole. The ground around the bin is poured back in and compacted.
Quick & easy emptying
Waste trucks takes out the inner collection bag with a crane. The bag is emptied and returned to the bin
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